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Serial numbers incorrect on a JP?


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Hi all, I've had several JP guitars in the past, so I'm quite familiar with them, how they should look, feel, sound, etc.

Well, I got a used JP15, sahara burst quilt, from guitar center. It's like-new condition, it's gorgeous. It looks, sounds and feels like a jp15 should.

My issue is this: when I look up the serial number on the neck plate, that number does not exist. This worried me, so I looked at the COA. The serial on there is different by one digit: where there's an 8 on the neck plate, there's a 0 on the certificate. This serial comes up, and is the correct guitar.

Now, these guitars seem like they would be ridiculously hard to fake, especially since I know these guitars. This, I'm certain is a legit JP15. I'm thinking this is maybe something so simple as the person making the certificate and inputting it into the database saw an 8 as a 0 and typed it in wrong for the plate engraving, or vice versa.

I'd this a huge deal? On it's face, no. But it does sort of irk me. Is this a known thing? Does it occasionally happen? Do I have any recourse, like maybe getting another neck plate from ebmm?


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It is very rare, but it can happen. I would recommend giving customer service a call/email, and sorting out with them the best way to correct the record of that guitar's serial number. If you happen to have all the string off and check under the bridge pickup there will be a work order/number (8 digits) on a sticker that will give them additional information to cross reference.


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Hey Pete, I was just talking to you on reverb the other day haha. And yeah, I sent an email, and called a bit ago but they were at lunch.

When I get a used guitar, I change strings, do a proper setup, etc. I was going to do that tomorrow, so I'll make sure to do that and snap a pic of it. Thanks for the tip!

If it turns out to be a big deal, I call always return it to guitar center. But I'm hoping it can be resolved without too much hassle
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