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Serial Numbers : What is the production date of my guitar?

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Did you try the SN tool?

Nope. I was a doof and didn't read anything.
I do have one question...I just tried a serial number that I was told was on the back of a Axis but it didn't return anything.

A80088 - Is this even a good serial number?


The S/N tool only works for Music Man Instruments. For Sterling, which is a separate company, you have to contact them directly.


After 15 years and 13,613 posts, the time has come to close this thread. For all your serial number enquiries, please use the all new and amazing Serial Number Database Search Tool...

Please note that here are still some older Ernie Ball Music Man serial numbers that are not coming up in the database. EBMM are working on fixing that issue, but until then please email customer service directly for information if your serial number does not return a result.

Also note serial numbers from pre-Ernie Ball-era Music Man, OLP, and Sterling by Music Man instruments are not in the system and will not give a result. Please DO NOT email Ernie Ball Music Man customer service asking about those serial numbers.

For pre-EBMM serial numbers, You can check this site for more info on the early Music Man instruments (This site is not run by the Ernie Ball company):

If you have any other questions regarding your instrument, please email Music Man Customer Service at:
[email protected]

This old thread is being locked from further posts but is retained as a database. You can search for serial number using the "Search Thread" function above the top post on this page.
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