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Jun 27, 2020
Hi all,

I have tried the scheme below, but it doesn't seem to work entirely. I hope the drawing is somewhat clear.


I basically want: bridge humbucker, bridge split inner coil, single coil+ inner neck split, dual humbucker, and neck humbucker when the switch is down.
In the fourth position, I want the 'tele middle' when the switch is up (outer coils), and a split neck humbucker in fifth (outer coil).
The problem is that I don't have any sound in the third position when the toggle is up, since it goes to ground then (although the middle single coil should work?!). I've tried different variations, but it appears that only 1 of those 'position 3' connections can be made using this setup. Am I correct?
What other additional possibilities could there be except for the single middle in third (e.g. split bridge inner+single middle in second position)?

BTW, the rationale for the layout of the third and fourth in switch down is to avoid a large difference in volume when switching from neck to dual humbucker mode (otherwise hopping over the split neck+middle).
I guess I can solve this in the future using capacitors cf. Guthrie Govan. Should rescheduling to other positions be necessary, I'm open for suggestions!
Thanks for any feedback!


Aug 16, 2004
Toronto, Canada
He's going for something custom, so I don't think the stock diagram will help.

I'm not sure what switch you're using- what's the layout of the left bank of switches? If it's 5-4-3-2-1 (same as the left bank) then the neck tap (B&W wires) are connected to position 3, not 4, where you'd want them.

On the lower right bank, the jumper across 5-4-3 (feeding the split toggle) shouldn't be connected to 3. You want the single coil only, right? You get that from the top right set of lugs.

In terms of what else you could do ... there are tons of options ... really depends what you want. Personally I like the stock Silhouette wiring with some added splits- the middle in combination with other pickups gives you some of that Strat quack you don't get from HH guitars.

Re the volume drop- personally I like a volume drop but it depends how you set your amp. If you're set up for a crunchy or edge-of-breakup tone, going to a pickup with less output gives you a clean sound without having to switch channels/pedals or adjust your volume. Again, it's all player preference.
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