Jul 8, 2006
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Lets just say long story short - a pot I "fixed" for a friend was VERY VERY comfortable in its home after getting baptized by Loctite. So comfortable in fact it didn't want to leave when the same friend wanted to replace his pups/pots/switches with new stuff!
Yup. I've done that too. Needed a good hex wrench on the top and a holding the pot steady underneath. But for instruments with top-mounted jacks, like an SG or Precision Bass, the jack won't come loose until you want it too and that saves a lot of broken wires underneath.


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Jan 9, 2022
Thank you guys for the replies. After reading this thread: JP Trem Arm Bottom Grub Screw Adjustment I'll try once again to tighten both little screws following that stated method. If this fails, I'll try to replace the set screw. If all of this fails again I'll try again with a -little- drop of Loctite.


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Feb 18, 2021
I use Loctite 243 if I ever need to keep a screw or bolt from moving. Just don't use the strong of high strength stuff, go for medium or lower. And use the smallest amount you need.
I think that's the blue stuff - I use that.

You can go by colors:
- Red loctite is the strongest. Use that if you never, ever, want to remove the screw. As in, you'll probably need a heat gun to get it to move again.
- Blue is medium strength, you can almost always break that with a little elbow grease and a good wrench.
- Purple I believe is the lowest strength. (This would probably be just fine for a set screw.)
- Green is medium-ish, but is really thin and designed to wick into a screw that's already in place.

The other kinds you need to daub onto the threads just before insertion. A little goes a long way, I usually just put a small drop on one side. Also, be forewarned: Loctite can damage finishes. I wouldn't use green for that reason alone; too much a risk it might get on the finish. Take the screw out first and use blue or purple.

How I know: Years spent working on RC heli models. You use loctite on pretty much everything, because the model is always trying to shake itself apart.
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