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Oct 22, 2002
Just a shout out to Greg Timmons and Tyler Moses- You guys went FAR above and beyond the call of duty, and I'm VERY grateful.
A little history: I just got my first ever Sil a few weeks back, and messed up the bar on the Floyd. You can still see my post about it on this board. Anyway, the SAME DAY, within 2 hours, BOTH these guys not only responded to me personally, but gave me all the info I needed. THEN, they sent me a new bar in a matter of DAYS!! Less than a WEEK after I posted, I got a brand -spankin new bar via 1st class mail. UN believable!
You guys treated me like a rock star or something, and spoke volumes about the Ernie Ball/MusicMan organization.
Most companies who pruduce such a superior product tend to slack off when it comes to customer service and support, but not you.
Other companies in all fields could learn a thing or two from you.


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Dec 3, 2002
Scottsdale, AZ
If other companies were Ernie Ball...

...then we'd have a lot more happy people in the world.

Ernie Ball has, still does, and will continue to provide a fine product, as well as superior customer support, and knows how to "go the extra mile" even after they have the money in their pocket.

May many other companies use the customer service and quality practices you consider "old hat" as a part of their own company overhaul.

I swear, I should write toasts for people!! LOL!

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